Dr. Malcolm Billimoria

Hepatobiliary Surgeon, North West Community Hospital , Illinois State, Chicago, U.S.A.

I had a wonderful time at Onco-Life Cancer Centre. The facility is state of the art. I found the administration & medical staff with a sincere motive & mission to provide the best of medical care to its patients. The doctors are hardworking, the surgeons are excellent & are totally committed to their patients.


Ms. Katie Weiner

C Surgery, North West Community Hospital, Illinois State, Chicago, U.S.A.

I feel very honoured to have visited Onco-Life Cancer Centre. It encompasses everything a medical professional could ever dream of in a Cancer Treatment facility. They not only provide excellent medical medical care but also compassion & emotional support to patient & their family. Anyone who walks through the door is treated like a family member & that is truly remarkable. The surrounding atmosphere is very calming to optimize the patient's recovery. I am excited to visit Onco-life Cancer Centre soon.


Mrs. Allison Soward

PA-C Surgery, NorthWest Community hospital, , Illinois State, Chicago, U.S.A.

Onco-Life Cancer Centre is the epitome of patient care. Blending technology & foresight into the future, they are able to treat not only the body but the mind & soul as well. As a patient, you can expect to be treated here with utmost respect & care by every person you encounter at the centre.

Dr. Marco Fernandez

MD Anesthesiologist, North West Community Hospital, Illinois State, Chicago, U.S.A.

Onco-Life Cancer Centre is a wonderful hospital. The entire staff & other people were very welcoming & appreciative. Knowing they have a very positive motive towards starting this center was very touching. Having such a state of the art center & yet providing such excellent services offered to patients in such an affordable rate is truly admirable. Here, I have met true heroes at Onco-Life who are doing a great thing for society & mankind. I will take this energy back home to U.S. & apply it to my practice on a daily basis. I am blessed to have had this opportunity in my life to be associated with you guys!!


Ashok Nanawane

I have undergone cancer surgery in 'Onco Life Cancer Center' on 13.7.17. This hospital is well-equipped with all the advanced facilities & hospital staff is very obedient. Everybody is highly cooperative and because of that my health has been improved so well. This disease can be surely cured if diagnosed in the early stages and by taking proper treatment for the same. We can definitely improve our health if we wish for the same.

Honorable Mr. Uday Deshmukh has started this beautiful hospital in Satara to provide cancer treatment to ordinary people. I am very much thankful to Mr. Uday Deshmukh and the entire staff of 'Onco'. Hopefully, everybody will continue this type of humble service to patients & may God give good health to everybody.

Vijaya Khopade

I was suffering from 2nd stage stomach cancer. I just want to keep it short & brief. Everyone in the hospital treated me like a family & made me feel like i am one of them. I have finished my treatment & totally recovered & all the credit goes to the hospital. They have helped thousands of patients like me recover from this deadly disease

Shobha Dalvi

Getting to know that you are diagnosed with third stage Breast cancer can be really traumatizing. Your mind tends to attract all sorts of negative thoughts in its head & you feel helpless & powerless at that point. Recovering from such a mental trauma is very difficult. I had second thoughts about getting treatment done since i thought there was no point & try Ayurveda. The doctors at Onco-Life spoke with me & family & convinced us otherwise. Inspite of financial constraints we agreed since they assured us that all expenses will be covered under MJPJAY scheme. My entire treatment was almost free of cost. The treatment & care provided was really good.Other hospitals in pune where i had been in the past for other ailments, they have charged huge sum & yet never provided such quality treatment & care.

pranav jadhav

Pranav Jadhav

Disease Name: Hodgkin Lymphoma

Quote by his mother "We were in great distress after learning that our 10-year-old kid has been detected with cancer. Coming to Onco-Life Cancer Centre has been the best decision of my life. We absolutely had no hope earlier, since for us cancer means death. The doctors & staff were so caring & understanding. They explained to us everything in detail & assured us that Pranav would be perfectly fine & healthy post-treatment. Its been a little over a year now since he completed his treatment & now follows his regular routine of school, studies, playing, swimming, etc. We got our old playful Pranav back & for anyone around it is hard to believe that he ever had cancer. For us, Onco-Life Cancer Centre is the best thing that could ever happen.


Sulochana Pawar

Disease Name: (Right) Breast Cancer Stage 2

I was diagnosed with cancer on 24/09/2016. I yet remember the date since it was a turning point in my life. I just want to say that this hospital has helped me a lot & the experience was rather delightful which was totally not expected. I am free from cancer & hoping to remain the same. The hospital does make sure I come for follow up as per the schedule planned by my doctor which is a great thing. It shows they care for their patients. God Bless them all.


Archana Jadhav

Disease Name: CA (Ovary) Stage 3

I started my treatment in August 2016 at Onco-Life Cancer Centre. Everyone in the hospital is always smiling & its a delight to watch them so positive & full of enthusiasm. The doctors do always inquire of our health which feels good. The doctors gave us all the information which was needed which removed fear from our mind about cancer.

Observing the staff's work, they are pretty disciplined & professional. The surrounding of the hospital was a key factor in recovery. its surrounded by greenery all around, yet so close to the national highway. they have found a perfect location. Just want to end it by thanking Mr. Uday Deshmukh who has been a blessing in disguise to us in the form of this hospital. He has given me & 1000's of other patients a new meaning to life.

shalan pawar

Shalan Pawar

Disease Name: Breast Cancer Bilateral- Stage 3C

I started my treatment in Onco-Life Cancer Centre in February 2017. I got operated for the same, post which underwent chemotherapy. Everyone including doctors to caretakers was well behaved & extremely caring.

My health has started recovering post treatment & I feel I am getting as healthy as i was earlier before cancer got hold of me. I can now even eat my food properly & am able to do my daily chores. I am very grateful to Onco-Life Cancer Centre for their support.

Dr. Dipali Vaibhav Mane

Patients Relative

My father was Admitted in Onco-Life Cancer Centre for Ca Colon. He had to undergo 2 operations within a span of 1 month in the hospital. I am from Bombay so for me i always had a preconceived notion that all facilities in healthcare are only available in Major cities like Bombay. Seeing Onco-Life my opinion totally changed. They have all the facilities available & they are at par with Bombay major hospital's standards. The top management too is very approachable & asked us to contact them immediately if anything during the treatment seemed unsatisfactory. The doctors & staff were really helpful & I am proud that such a beautiful hospital exists in my native place.

Sunil Bhosale

Sunil Bhosale

Disease Name : CA (abdomen)- Stage 2

I was diagnosed with abdomen cancer 3 months after my wife was diagnosed with Breast cancer on her left breast. Me & my wife decided to take treatment from Onco-Life Cancer Centre itself. She was already undergoing treatment there. We weren't fearful of the disease & decided to fight it. We both used to counsel each other & made each other strong. Cancer is a dangerous disease & without proper treatment, care & follow up people cannot get cured of it. Thankfully we got all of them right at Onco-Life & we successfully won over this deadly disease. The staff was very co-operative & sweet. I would just like to add that people should stop fearing to get themselves checked up since its better to get diagnosed at the earliest. Onco-Life Cancer Centre has given me & my wife a new life & we will never forget what they have done for us.

Surekha Zade

Surekha Zade

Disease Name: CA (Cervix)- Stage 2

I was just 18 years old when i was detected with 3rd stage Cervical Cancer. I was weighing only 23 kgs when i was detected & was advised surgery by Dr. Manoj Lokhande. The surgery & post Surgery procedure all went smoothly. Its been over 2 years now & i am cancer free. I weigh 52 kgs now & am perfectly healthy & happy. Onco- Life Cancer Centre has been a blessing to us. It was surprising for us to see how they treat each & every patient like a family & provide utmost care & support. Never have i seen such high standards in any other hospital. Only because of right treatment, dedicated doctors, medical staff & loving nature, I could fight Cancer. I would like to thank Dr. Manoj Lokhande & his team because of whom i am this healthy & stress-free. I now know i can lead a normal life like all others. Lifelong i shall have my gratitude towards Onco-Life Cancer Centre & will help other cancer patients whenever i can in the best of my capacity.

Anita Bhosale

Anita Bhosale

Disease Name: (Left) Breast Cancer - Stage 2

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer on my left breast a year and a half back. I started taking treatment immediately & as per the instructions of doctors. Due to the help & co-operation of doctors & staff, i could defeat cancer & can call myself cancer free. I have now started living my life with the same amount of joy, enthusiasm & energy before getting diagnosed with this disease. All the credit goes to Onco-Life Cancer Centre & team. I would request anyone reading this to routinely get yourself screened for cancer as it is a growing disease & can happen to anyone. Onco-Life Cancer Centre has my & my family's blessings for the commendable work they are doing for us & the society.


Meenakashi Nayak

Disease Name: Breast Cancer Stage 3

I was diagnosed with third stage Breast Cancer in March 2016. I underwent surgery post which i had to take 6 chemo cycles & 25 radiation cycles. During August 2018 i underwent PET/CT Scan & it was observed that i am totally cancer free.

Dr. Manoj Lokhande, My husband Laxman & my son Rohit Nayak were the main pillars who helped me to bravely fight against Cancer. Earlier, being 3rd stage i had a notion that i wouldn't ever get well or survive this. Doctor Manoj Lokhande also provided me with moral support & counseling which helped me to get out of this horrible situation sooner.

The hospital staff took great care of me & ensured that i was comfortable throughout my stay here. The surrounding of the hospital is so scenic that it seldom felt like i was in a hospital. Importantly, I am now working with Onco-Life Cancer Centre as an employee (Patient Counselor) & constantly share my experience with the patients, trying to build their confidence & faith which helped me during my journey.