Mr. Uday Deshmukh

Mr. Uday Deshmukh is the Founder and CEO of Onco-Life Cancer Centre, Satara. He is an Electronic Engineer who has more than 35 years of experience in the field of Oncology. He has completed more than 50 Oncology Projects in India and other countries. He has even done various turnkey projects in Oncology for various well reputed hospitals. He is a well renowned and Internationally known expert in Radiation Oncology.

Mr. Uday Deshmukh overlooks the entire administration of Onco-Life Cancer Centre and plays a key role in the development and expansion. Him being in this field since decades, He ensured that his own hospital needs to have the best of the technologies and he ensured that he got the best without any compromise.

“I have seen a huge gap in quality of treatment and service provided to patients in our country. I do empathize with what the patient and their loved ones go through during the entire process. Since I have vast knowledge, experience and International exposure, I decided to give up my job after giving a lot of thought and decided to go ahead with Onco-Life inspite of all financial risks and people advising me against it. Been working hard ever since trying to be the best and a posterchild of a better change in Healthcare industry.”