Radiation Therapy- Urological Cancer
60/M, Mr AS, was completely taken aghast when he was told that his age-related urinary symptoms could be related to cancer. What was more trouble-some was the fact that his blood reports and his biopsy were not matching. Mr AS had undergone cystoscopy and biopsy suggestive of prostate cancer. Bu[..]
Radiation Oncology- Head & Neck Cancer
Personal History Mr. XYZ 60 Years Gentleman presented to Oncolife Cancer Centre on 5/9/2019 with C/O – Difficulty in Swallowing for Both solid & liquid since 1 month Change in Voice since 1 month He was chronic Smoker and Alocoholic for past 10 years. No Comorbidity, No F/H/O Cancer Investigatio[..]
Radiation Therapy for 60 year old female
60 year old hypertensive, nondiabetic female with history of ischemic heart diseases, presented with history of recurrent left gluteal ulcer. Earlier she had non-oncological treatment near her village. Presently she had a massive chronic gluteal abscess with fistulous tract going upto external g[..]
To Lose or Not to Lose
45 year old female presented with a breast lump on Lt side Upper quadrant 12-0-clock position. It was Hard in consistency, Mobile, Non tender. Trucut biopsy of the same was s/o Infiltrating Duct Carcinoma Grade II. Mammography performed was suggestive of a BIRADS IV lesion in Lt breast and ipsil[..]
Always take second opinion for surgical Oncology
61 years old tobacco chewer female presented with throat pain and hoarseness. Patient had no comorbidities and clinically had 2cm x 2cm level III lymphadenopathy. On laryngoscopy proliferative growth was seen involving the left vocal cord. Biopsy revealed squamous cell carcinoma. On PET-CT, left[..]
Importance of Timely Diagnosis & Treatment
57 years old female presented to OPD with her niece with complains of anal pain,occasional blood in stools and recent onset of altered bowel habits. Patient was living alone and had been ignoring her symptoms and taking over the counter medications. Her niece brought her to OPD and on examinatio[..]
Cancer Ignorance
A 38 years old female came to our hospital with a lump of 34x29 mm in her right breast having stage II. Our Doctor advised cancer surgery but the patient decided to take alternative treatment.
Dr. Manoj Lokhande
A 63 Year Old Married Patient, Daily Wager, housewife presented herself to us on 11/06/2018. A huge Abdominal The swelling was pretty evident. She complained of feeling Breathless while sitting down while doing any chores. she had a huge mass almost spread throughout her whole abdomen. After get[..]
Dr. Karan Chanchlani
Advance technology of Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) helps 55-year-old Mrs. Seema Kumar (Name changed) undergo painless and non-invasive procedure successfully, who was diagnosed with multiple lungs & skeletal metastasis cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy.
Dr. Siddhesh Tryambake
A 48-year-old female from Virali, Satara, presented with complaints of reddish discharge per vaginum and lower backache since 2 months. She was married at the age of 20 years. She had no family history of any malignancy No comorbidities or past h/o TB On examination she was in a good general con[..]
Dr. Nakul Parashalami
Rehabilitation of a Patient operated for Ca Maxilla. A 70-year-old Patient was reported to the Department of Maxillofacial Prosthetics and Surgery. The Patient was treated for Ca Maxilla. The defect involved the left maxillary Alveolus. The horizontal component extended from midline of the palat[..]
Dr. Alok Pawaskar
'Sometimes it's good to see what you didn't expect.' 65-year-old male patient was diagnosed with carcinoma of the prostate in 2014. He underwent TURP and bilateral orchidectomy in 2014. The patient was lost to follow up after that. Recently he presented with reduced appetite and weight loss sin[..]