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Staying positive after getting diagnosed with Cancer

If you experience any signs or symptoms or a health test result that might suggest cancer, your best option is to visit Onco Life Hospitals’ Diagnostic Centre in Pune where your doctor will find out whether it is cancer or some other cause. If it is cancer then you are facing a difficult period in your life but always remember, it is possible to have a long life with cancer.


Though being diagnosed with cancer is thought of by many people still as a death sentence, always keep in mind that most cancers are treatable. Millions of people with cancer are living in India and we should look at them as an example of how to stay positive during cancer treatment.


So let us take some time to consider some of the best advice about staying positive during your cancer treatment:

Always trust yourself to make the right decisions  and remember that you are your best advocate.

Take good notes when speaking to doctors at our Diagnostic Centre in Pune at Onco Life Hospitals.

Focus on the things you can control and try not to worry about the rest too much.

Speak about the things you love to talk about and don’t just limit your conversations with friends and family to health topics.

Appreciate your loved ones and remember that they are your best chance to develop a good support network.

Never give up or lose hope.


Cancer treatment should start very soon after diagnosis, but for most cancers, it won’t hurt to wait a few weeks to begin treatment. This gives a person diagnosed with cancer time to talk about all their treatment options and get second opinions from the best Diagnostic Centre in Pune at Onco Life Hospitals. Discuss your options in detail with the cancer care team, family, and friends, and then decide what’s best for you.


When you are diagnosed with cancer, it is recommended to let your healthcare team know all about what you would prefer during your treatment. Try as much as possible to make sure you keep the lines of communication open with your loved ones and maintain honest, two-way communication with doctors and others after your cancer diagnosis. …


Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let friends and family help you as you take the time to review your goals and priorities and get prepared to fight stigmas and social perceptions around living life as a cancer patient.

While it is great to keep a positive attitude, try to realize that may not always be possible during the entire course of your cancer. Remember that simply forcing yourself to keep a positive attitude does not guarantee a longer life and might only add to your burden as you because it might cause some people to feel guilty when they can’t “stay positive.”


Even when you are diagnosed at the best Diagnostic Centre in Pune at Onco Life Hospitals, getting the news that you have cancer can be quite overwhelming. What is key to dealing with cancer is to understand what the best ways are to cope with your emotions while you undergo cancer treatment.


Cancer patients simply want to remain their old selves when they get the news from a Diagnostic Centre in Pune. So they often fail to properly communicate their new needs clearly to their close friends and caregivers. This miscommunication is often the source of frustration and anger.


At times it also happens that cancer patients tend to withdraw to themselves and pull away because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of care they receive. It is possible that doctors and loved ones who are caregivers might have the best of intentions but when there are many people giving advice to eat properly or other advice, the patient can feel pressured and a loss of their independence.


Don’t blame yourself for getting cancer since the chances are that it could happen to anyone. Don’t always try to maintain an upbeat positive image if you are not feeling that way. Remember that it’s up to you to decide whether you want to talk about your cancer and when. Try and find ways and things to do that help you relax and also be as active as you can be. Look for things you enjoy that will take your mind off the disease.

Look for the positive aspect in every situation and express your feelings as far as possible – these things are the key to staying strong and positive when you are diagnosed with cancer.


Increasingly, Cancer patients want to meet with pathologists!

A recent survey suggested that cancer patients are now increasingly looking to pull the curtains on pathology and wanting to meet with their pathology team, in order to understand their illness better. But let’s go back a bit.

Some of the most important or crucial team members in a cancer patient’s health care team are people they may never get to meet or talk with – the pathologists who examine their tissue sample and determine what type and stage of cancer they have.

At Onco Life Hospitals, we take pride in having the best pathology labs in Pune. And as interest in the patient-pathologist connection increases, we at Onco Life have been doing a lot of research to understand how patients might feel about meeting their pathologist and seeing images of their tissues.

A vast majority of the patients say that they are definitely interested in meeting with the pathologist to discuss their pathology report and to look together at their tissues. Overall, some insights that we at the best pathology labs in Pune have gathered are as follows:

Firstly, patients have revealed that meeting with their pathologists can be quite empowering for them. Secondly, they also thought that the interaction could clarify the process of how the diagnosis was made in the first place. In the sense, what happens to their tissue samples and how pathologists make decisions about the grade and stage of the cancer. And lastly, a lot of patients felt that it would help them have a deeper understanding of the cancer itself.

“Having the right information keeps me focused and helps me stay calm. In fact, I feel more grounded and in-control when I have the facts. And that feeling gives me the power to live on and fight” said one of our patients. “I have no clear idea about what the words on my pathology report say, it would be nice to have them explained” said a patient who has not experienced Onco Life Hospitals’ Pathology process. In fact she went on to reveal that there was a different grading of her tumour from one institution to the other. And discussing it with the consulting pathologist would have helped reduce stress and increase trust. Something that we at Onco Life Hospitals have always been conscious of – which is the reason why, we’re one of the best pathology labs in Pune.

At Onco Life Hospitals, we are diving deep into this matter. By asking ourselves a lot of questions. Like how many pathologists would be interested in participating in an involved patient-doctor approach and what would be the appropriate skills for communicating with patients. Also, there’s the big question of how these consultation programs would be funded. Obviously, we believe that like any other medical intervention, this service too should be studied to determine its value and efficacy.

One thing is clear though. In general, patient-centred communication has revealed positive results like reduced state of anxiety and distress. The patient’s quality of life is a sure value-add. What’s crucial also is this. Patient-pathologist consults should be enable the patient to make value-based treatment choices – like choosing lumpectomy over mastectomy in early-stage breast cancer or possibly the follow-up and treatment procedures.

In Onco Life Hospitals which houses one of the best pathology labs in Pune, patients often spend an entire day meeting with members of their care team to discuss diagnosis and treatment options. This group often includes medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists and others.

The goal therefore is not to take away from the information that oncologists and others provide currently, but to offer additional information. Many patients are visually-oriented and are better able to absorb information when shown slides of their tissues. And have someone walk them through it all is a different experience altogether, as opposed to just being told to read a report. Some pathologists may also be able to answer some patient questions about lab reports better than others.

Another side benefit of this exercise could be improved communication between the pathology team and other members of the healthcare team. As one of the best pathology labs in Pune, we at Onco Life Hospitals sometimes get our patients to meet with hematopathologists on the team to better understand the science behind the disease. One of our patients who was given this rare opportunity was able to see her chromosomes, her bone marrow biopsy and her pathology slides and then meet with multiple pathologists and medical lab scientists to help understand the options available to her.

The important thing to know is that pathology plays an important role in determining and understanding the disease and we at Onco Life Hospitals give ample focus on transparency between the pathologist and the patient, in order to make cancer care meaningful and insightful.



Everyone is aware that not only is cancer a life-threatening disease, but cancer care can also be extremely tiring. Especially when it comes to chemotherapy. Yes, there’s the nausea and soreness to deal with, but that’s nothing as compared to the fatigue that’s relentless. Some liken it to being in a boxing ring – feeling completely beaten up!

However, that’s no reason for a patient to feel dejected and give in. In fact, at Onco Life Hospital, it’s not for no reason that we’re renowned for giving the best chemotherapy treatment in Pune. Our expert oncologists have figured out 8 ways in which you can improve your strength and stamina, even while you’re undergoing chemotherapy.

Let’s face the harsh facts first. Yes, cancer is a tiring disease. Secondly, 50-90% of patients do complain of extreme fatigue. Plus, anti-cancer drugs do sap the patient of all his or her strength – but here’s the good part. They can fight it by making wise changes in their diet and lifestyle. Here’s how.

Eat enough calories: Even if you’re overweight, this is no time to diet. Because during chemotherapy, you lose a lot of muscle mass anyway. So the thing is, eating enough is more enough than eating healthy during cancer treatment. Your body needs lot of nourishing food to help maintain your strength and stamina. If you’re receiving the best chemotherapy treatment in Pune at Onco Life Hospital, then you can be assured that our physicians and oncologists will ask you to be referred to the dietician to find out how many calories you need to consume every day. As we find, some patients need to keep nibbling in order to ‘settle their stomach’ and some prefer to eat just one kind of food, like say mashed potatoes. To each, his own.

Fortify diet with supplements: When your nutrition is poor, fatigue is an after-effect. Which is why, we at Onco Life Hospital also recommend taking the necessary supplements like multivitamins, calcium, Omega 3, etc. In case, we find that the chemotherapy has left the patient too exhausted to eat, we also advise taking intravenous nutrients.


Learn how to control nausea: Nausea is a common feeling during chemotherapy. At Onco Life Hospital, where you can get the best chemotherapy treatment in Pune, we generally adjust the medication and tailor it to suit the patient’s need. However, we have discovered that new anti-nausea medications may lead to slow digestion, which leads to constipation and food staying in the stomach for longer. For this, we usually prescribe a laxative that’s safe to use with the other medications.


Strengthen your blood: Fatigue is often a by-product of anaemia, a condition where blood doesn’t contain enough red blood cells to transport all the oxygen that the body needs. Chemotherapy drugs affect the bone marrow where red blood cells are produced, causing anaemia. However, at Onco Life Hospital, we prescribe a multivitamin supplement with iron – one of the building blocks of red blood cells. When receiving the best chemotherapy treatment in Pune, our patients are often prescribed B12 and Folic Acid, that help bone marrow recover.


Manage the stress: A lot of patients find that anxiety kicks in, when chemotherapy starts. Because of this, the immune system stops functioning properly. Which means, stress needs to be reduced. Blogging or writing a journal or talking to a counsellor is important at these times – so that the patient is able to discharge his or her feelings adequately and channel it into positive energies and thoughts.


Improve sleep patterns: Constantly worrying about the chemotherapy can rob a patient of his or her sleep, leading to fatigue. At Onco Life Hospital, we do prescribe medications or supplements that can help our patients sleep better. However, yes, we are very careful that our patients don’t get dependent on them over a long period. As one of the hospitals offering the best chemotherapy treatment in Pune , we ensure our dosages are never higher than 40mg.


Exercise your body: Taking a walk has always been a great thing! So a 45-minute walk – be it sunshine or rain – is a sure-shot way to reduce fatigue. In fact, if the patient can also talk to a close friend while walking, great! Getting exercise not only fights the chemotherapy fatigue, it also helps you live longer.


No matter how aggressive your chemotherapy treatment is, here’s the thing: Don’t lose hope. Because we at Onco Life Hospitals are with you, every step of the way. As one of the best chemotherapy treatments in Pune, we know what to do for you to make your life better.