Cancer Facts

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Q1] Why is detection of cancer at early stages important?

Answer: Cancer is usually divided into 4 stages.

      Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4
  • As & when the patient progress with Cancer, he/she progresses in stages. Higher the stage, higher is the risk involved with providing successful treatment.
  • Even though there are quite many patients who survive & are cured of Cancer at third stage as well, Not everyone can be that lucky since there are no fixed standards for Cancer.
  • Cancer is a complex disease. There are more than 100 types of cancer & location & size of the cancer tumours for various patients vary.
  • In order to increase the probability of successful treatment, it is necessary to be diagnosed early.

Q2] What are the basic preventive measures to avoid Cancer?


  • To avoid usage of tobacco related products.
  • To be physically active & exercise minimum 5 days a week atleast for half hour each day.
  • Avoid obesity or over weight. Maintain proper body weight.
  • To follow & maintain a healthy & balanced diet.
  • By making changes in lifestyle. Lifestyle changes includes proper sleep patterns, favourable food habits, avoiding stress, cutting back on alcohol, Consuming clean water, etc.
  • Avoid direct exposure of sun for a long period of time.
  • Always use masks or a piece of cloth to cover your nose & mouth in over polluted areas.
  • To avoid red meat & junk food.
  • Some Cancers cannot be prevented, so it is very important to get diagnosed as early as possible to increase the probability of success of the treatment.